Our Formula Science

Our formula follows the CDC guidelines for sanitation

iGuard was born out of the initiative to provide CDC compliant hand sanitizer in a form that customers actually want to use, not have to use. We worked with beauty experts to infuse iGuard with lovely aromas of oranges, lemons and limes and also added moisturizing components to ensure your hands are not only protected, but feel good in the process - and smell good too! Say good bye to smelly alcohol sanitizers and don't worry you won't have to forgo to effectiveness of ethyl alcohol for sanitation - it's still there you just can't tell. Bring iGuard virtually anywhere with you - pocket, purse, car, work, home, backpack & much more.

Studies show that up to three-fourths of Americans drink well below the recommended level of water and over sixty percent are classified as dehydrated. Why you ask? Simple. People are drinking less water and more sugary sports drinks, sodas, caffeine and alcohol – all diuretics that act to dehydrate the body. Our bodies are made up of 60 percent water, it’s about time we start acting like it. Proper hydration helps muscles function, promotes proper kidney and liver health, ensures nutrients get digested and absorbed, and is pivotal for immune function. In 1978, a group of scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) discovered sodium transport and glucose transport were coupled in the small intestine to accelerate absorption of solutes and most importantly, water. The discovery was labeled as “potentially the most important medical advance this century” because of its ability to treat acute dehydration (Lancet, 1978). In normal healthy intestines, there is a natural flow of water through the intestinal wall to transport nutrients into the blood steam, but in the case of dehydration, post exercise and daily fatigue, this process is disrupted and overworked. The coupled transport mechanism. between glucose and sodium allows the intestines to absorb water more efficiently and additional electrolytes such as potassium, chloride, citrate, magnesium, zinc and calcium can also act to stimulate this absorption process even more.

At Minteer Formulas LLC, we have taken groundbreaking oral rehydration science and made it better and more relevant to your daily life. Our formula not only contains precisely engineered ratios of key electrolytes to maximize water absorption, but also includes a boost of seven essential B-vitamins, the Vitamin C equivalent to six oranges to boost energy and immune function, and finally a blend of beta-carotene, raspberry ketones and acai berry extract to enhance brain chemistry, stimulate fat breakdown and improve overall health. Total 3 Hydro blast is perfect for post activity hydration, daily hydration optimization, hangover remedies, general wellness and much more.