Our Vision at Minteer Formulas

Our formula follows the CDC guidelines for sanitation

iGuard was born out of the initiative to provide CDC compliant hand sanitizer in a form that customers actually want to use, not have to use. We worked with beauty experts to infuse iGuard with lovely aromas of oranges, lemons and limes and also added moisturizing components to ensure your hands are not only protected, but feel good in the process - and smell good too! Say good bye to smelly alcohol sanitizers and don't worry you won't have to forgo to effectiveness of ethyl alcohol for sanitation - it's still there you just can't tell. Bring iGuard virtually anywhere with you - pocket, purse, car, work, home, backpack & much more.

In a world where you are given one body, one life, and one chance – make it count. We at Minteer Formulas LLC are compelled to share our vision, passion, and unique ability to bring new and innovative formula solutions to the health and wellness market. Currently, the supplement market is highly unregulated and closed off to customers and the needs of the global community we are motivated to change this fact. As a group of chemists, entrepreneurs and former collegiate athletes, we identify health and wellness areas of opportunity and capitalize on them to optimize your life while addressing pertinent global health needs. Each project we start begins with primary literature and consultation with scientific and medical professionals to ensure each product is new, innovative and supported by science. We want you to live a better life and to make the world a better place at the same time. Join our journey and learn about our goal to be the leader in formulation innovation.